Friday, August 5, 2016

Worry Dolls

Some people think they're on the same level as voodoo or magic or hippie-dippie cures, but I believe in my worry dolls. I don't often remember to tell them my troubles, but lately I've been having serious troubles. Worry has consumed me to the point where I can't sleep and when I do, I have anxiety dreams that wake me up so fast, I sit up with a start wondering what day it is, where am I, what time is it? Heart pounding, I try to shake off this uneasy feeling and remember I'm at home in my bed and it's (hopefully) not time to wake up yet. After several nights of this, I finally took out my worry dolls. I told one about my troubles/worries at work and another about my worries about life. The first morning, nothing was solved. I was skeptical and thought to myself how silly (stupid) I was to believe in such a thing as a worry doll's ability to solve my problems. But... I tried again. This time I spoke slowly and clearly and asked for help solving my dilemmas at work. I woke up and was surprised not too long after that, with a phone call from the very person I needed to talk to about solving this work issue. Much to my surprise (and delight!) he was completely understanding and we worked it out in a meeting later on. Everything is going to be fine. At least in that arena. (whew) So I'm going to see if my worry dolls can help me more and perhaps I can have some faith that things won't always be so anxiety producing. Time will tell.

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