Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Remember that elephant?

This is the elephant. If you forgot about it, you can go back and read about it in an earlier blog post. I'm too lazy to find the link, but you can do it yourself. I have faith in you. 

Anyway, the elephant was addressed today. I spoke out loud and addressed that giant pink thing staring at me and the conversation was ... well... interesting. I find it interesting that people are so uneasy about telling the truth even when given permission to say everything, leave off the sugarcoating, take off the kid gloves, and put it out there in all its honest candor. But people can't do it. It's ok because I can hear between the lines. I know the answers to the questions by the way people don't answer them--by the way they avoid them. And I lose respect for people who walk around the question and for whatever reason don't respect ME enough to tell me the truth. 

I will not be putting myself in a position to feel bad. I will not be inviting criticism or rejection. I'll simply move out of the way slowly until I'm out of sight. And I'll take the elephant with me.

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