Sunday, August 14, 2016

A certain Slant of Asshattery (thank you Emily Dickinson, for the inspiration for the title)*

*Emily Dickinson wrote a poem called A certain slant of light. Look it up. It's awesome!

Ok, now for my blog entry of the day: 
The following blog includes foul language and major insults. If you do not like that kind of thing or are easily offended, please skip this one and come back another day for a different entry. Thanks and consider yourself warned.

Dear Jackfuck,

I know you considered my presentation a waste of your precious time and far beneath your intelligence, but let me tell you that your attitude of showing in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS how disinterested you were, only confirmed my opinion (or lack thereof) of your bellowing asshattery.
Having to tell the whole world about your accomplishments over and over does not make you a good person, a smart person, or even an interesting person. It makes you a fucking asshole braggart. Having to repeat over and over about how you wrote the rules and you know them better than anyone, is not only untrue, but again, makes you look like a jerk assjack guy with a small and crusty penis. I'm not sure if you understand, but these "rules" and guidelines were not written by YOU. You did not "help" write anything. You are a worker bee. And if you weren't, you would not be sitting in this dead-end job after all your years of so-called glory, which by the way, cannot be found ANYWHERE on the internet. Tech savvy, you say? Well, I guess you were too busy being "amazing" behind closed doors and nobody ever saw it. One would think a person such as yourself with the experience and expertise you claim to have, would be somewhere in the internet world. But no. There is absolutely nothing about you except a small flyer that advertises your performance with some kids I'm guessing you taught. And another thing--if you are so amazing and so well respected in your profession, made absolute MAGIC where you were, why in the holy hell are you not still there? Downsized? Bored? What is it? Why are you back here in the trenches where people begin? Do you think you're going to save us all? Think again. We play as a team around here and you play alone. You try to lead by aggrandizement and flamboyance, but no humility. You have placed yourself above everyone and demand we all look up to you. Well,  I have news for you. I am not looking up to you. I feel sorry for you. I think you are a fraud. I think you are intimidated by someone who might know just a little more than you or who has some ideas that work better than yours. Good luck in your career here because as an island, you won't last long. The waves you make will come back to erode your own shores. You will be smaller and smaller with time.

Someone who knows what you said.
PS I would like an example of how I am "ill-suited" for my profession. Bring it. I can give you many about why YOU are ill-suited for yours.

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