Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ramblings of not-a-morning person

This is only beautiful in a picture. In reality, it's a reason to growl.

It's early. I know for some, it's practically the middle of the day--and I'm not talking about because of what time zone they're in. I'm talking those people who leap out of bed at o'dark thirty and get to work by 7am ready to be productive. That's not me. At all. For years, I crawled into work at that hour and somehow made it through. No more. I've been fortunate enough to find work that doesn't involve o'dark thirty. Except when it does. Like today. UGH!! I have an early morning meeting about which I'm skeptical but I'm attending. I already hate what I'm wearing and wonder if I should change. I usually go to work related events dressed in what I consider professional clothing. Today I have jeans on. They are "nice" jeans--no holes, not tattered, and actually not appearing as jeans until you look closely. But I feel less than professional, so I may return to my closet to see if there is something better to wear--probably the same thing I wore to the last meeting. I wonder if these people just think I wear the same thing every day or I have 7 identical outfits? Then I ask myself: "Do I remember what they wore last time?" The answer is always no. So...yeah. As if anyone has time to think about me as much as I fear. 

Life is crazy and just when you think you're going to have a day to yourself to get stuff done and then have extra time to relax, things blow up. Not cool for a Type A personality such as myself. After spending about 6 hours doing work I thought would take me 2 hours (!!!) WTF, I had no patience left. And I still don't. This day's gonna rock!

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