Monday, August 15, 2016

Back to basics

I'm realizing I've gone off on a tangent with my blog. I started this series of what I considered to be useful tips on cleaning, organizing, and navigating through this chaotic world as a type A person. But somehow I ended up in the world of worry dolls, let downs, angry rants, and general malaise. I guess that IS a part of my journey through life as a type A person living in a decidedly NOT type A world. Things just don't fall into place as I wish they would.

I'm getting back to my routines at home and paying more attention to how I use my time. After watching some videos about planning (yes, they're out there!) I've realized that just having a routine for cleaning is not enough. What about the rest of life? I need to be sure to leave time for everything I need to do--everything from exercising, to making coffee, to grocery shopping, making sure the car has gas in it, going to the bank...all of the stuff that we call "adulting". All of the stuff we wish we didn't have to do. But those of us who are type A and nearly OCD, need to get these things done in a timely fashion so as to reduce anxiety. So, my next goal is to consciously plan. I don't mean schedule my life minute by minute (well sort of not) but schedule days for certain tasks each week. With my crazy schedule, it would hard to say laundry must be on the same day each week, but it does have to get done, so planning by the week would be useful. I don't (think I) need one of those fancy planners with stickers and cutesy labels, but I need something. Maybe a calendar would be sufficient. I'm really going to try to plan each week's tasks so that I know when things are getting done and I don't get to the end of the week only to realize my fridge is empty and I have no clean clothes and how the hell did that happen?

Hopefully, this attempt at further organizing my life will in turn give me some peace. The angst inside of me sometimes boils over and it's not pretty. Breathe, people say. But I can't. I reach for my inhaler.

Trying to go from this:

To this: 

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