Thursday, August 18, 2016

Getting closer to calm

Let's face it, I will never be a calm person. It's just not my nature and the anxiety that boils underneath the surface of my skin, makes it impossible for me to be anything but high-strung, sort of (ok, a lot) anxious, and always Type A with a side of OCD. But you know what? That's OK!! I'm allowed to be who I am. How boring would the world be if everyone were exactly the same? That is not to say I don't wish for everyone to be more punctual, more organized, and more put together than they are. Ahem.

That said, I am getting closer to calm again. Part of this small miracle is my determination to get back into my routines the way I intended them to be. I am facing every day with a plan. I disappoint myself sometimes when my plans aren't completed every day, but hey, at least I have a plan! I'm feeling more settled as I organize more and continue to declutter my home as well as my life.

It feels SO GOOD to have things in order, where I can find them without tearing my house apart (not to mention my hair) and to feel light and free with space to breathe. I love cleaning and organizing--or at least the end result of it. ;)

I hope that someone is learning a little from these ramblings of mine. I wonder if anyone actually READS this blog? I'm not even sure how to find it myself other than the saved link. Oh well.

Have a very purple and organized day!

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