Saturday, June 3, 2017

Saying Goodbye

When someone dies, there's a hole in the place in your life where they used to be. It never goes away and it never gets easier. It gets different. Recently, a new hole came into my life. 
I feel as though I'm too young to have lost as many people as I have. Over the last several years, holes have formed where people in my life once stood. It's a weird feeling--inexplicable to say the least. Unsettling, unnerving, and deeply saddening would be a few ways to describe this awful void.
Today I officially say goodbye. I'm trying to think of how to say goodbye without it's feeling like it's forever...only it is. The curtain is closed, then removed to reveal a hole. A hole of nothingness. 
Over and out.
Caidil gu la laddie...sleep the dark away.
Rest in peace, my good friend. 

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