Friday, June 23, 2017

Eye opening epiphany (sort of)

Recently I realized I had no earthly idea how much I really eat. I thought since I was eating (mostly) healthy foods and exercising regularly, that I should be losing weight. It wasn't the case. The scale has not budged for a year. Very frustrating. I started doing something I always knew was a good idea but never really bothered to do. It kind of tags along with meal prep. It's dividing large bags/boxes of things into portions that I put into containers be it zip locks or plastic tupperware type things. For instance, I had a giant bag of popcorn. I could easily have eaten the entire thing (and probably have on many occasions). However, this time I looked at how many servings there were in the bag. Sixteen. SIXTEEN! OMG.... and each serving was 140 calories. Ummm...yikes. I looked at the size of the bag, befuddled at how it could possibly be sixteen servings. They must mean to eat one kernel or something. So I did an experiment. I took a measuring cup and put the portions into zip locks. Sure enough, it was 16 bags. They took up my entire counter space. (ok, I have a tiny kitchen but still). When I looked at it that way, I realized that was A LOT of popcorn. Suddenly it gave me perspective. And I only ate one serving and was fine with it. I have since done it with cereal and some other munchies I tend to get into when I shouldn't. Nothing too terrible but too much and it's akin to eating a bag of chips. The cruz of the matter is that when you portion out the entire box or bag or whatever it is, you can see it's so much more than you really thought. And you are less apt to eat it all in one sitting. I'm hoping this helps me. Fingers crossed.

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