Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It's good to have plans

It's good to have plans. A friend of mine said that and it stuck. Although it started out as somewhat of a joke, it became my mantra. I'm a planner. I plan everything from what time I need to get up in order to exercise, shower, dress, do my hair and makeup, caffeinate myself appropriately so I don't get arrested...or worse(!!!), and get out the door on time or early to when I'm going grocery shopping and doing laundry. I like having a plan for every day and every moment. It keeps me grounded and keeps me motivated. I do admit, however, that sometimes a long list can be overwhelming. I try to break it down into smaller parts so as well as prioritize the tasks in case I can't get everything done. If there's something I can put off until tomorrow without having a complete meltdown (I told you I was Type A), then I'll do it. 

In addition to having a calendar with my plans for each day, I am a list-maker. I like to make my lists in order of priority and also sometimes even with exact times of day. For instance my morning routine looks something like this:

6:15 get up
6:20-7:20 exercise
7:20-8:00 shower, dress, hair, & makeup
8:00-8:05 make bed and straighten up room.
8:05-8:45 coffee, breakfast, check email, social media
9:00 leave for work (the 15 minutes before are spent gathering everything I need to bring with me and finding my shoes. Yes, finding my shoes is a big thing. Even for me.)

If it's a work at home day, I would include my cleaning routine for that day right after breakfast. Also included is washing all dishes and putting them away. 

On Thursdays I do laundry. I usually work at home that day, so in it goes in the morning while I'm doing my cleaning routine and starting my work. If I have to work outside the home on Thursday, I do laundry Wednesday afternoon or evening after work. I give myself credit for being that flexible. Ahem.
All laundry is washed, dried, folded, and put away immediately.

On Friday, I go grocery shopping. This usually happens after I've completed my cleaning routine for the day. Fridays are also often a work at home day so this affords me flexibility.

That's the skeleton of how I keep my life running (sort of) smoothly. Perhaps I can go into more detail in the next installment. Until then, dear readers (if there are any!), enjoy whatever you're doing, wherever you are.
Have a very purple day!

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