Sunday, August 20, 2017

Social Media and keyboard warriors

Recently, I've noticed that people are bold enough on social media to knock someone down whether it's the person posting or someone commenting. They are quick to use foul language and make cruel comments when they could simply say they disagree or better yet, scroll on by. It's sad to me that people really talk to others that way. I wonder if they would say the same things to the person's face? Being a so-called keyboard warrior is easy. You sit behind a computer and remain anonymous as you tear someone down. They may retort in the same way. It's a reflection of this world and how hate has become the new normal. Somehow we've gotten the notion that it's ok to hate, to be cruel, to hurt, to demean, and to reduce other people to nothing. It's not just social media, but everywhere. I never wanted to live in a world like this. I never thought this would happen. I guess I never thought it would happen to me and that's a precarious way to live. Everyone thinks it won't happen to them. Until it does. Many think the rules don't apply to them. Until they do. And furthermore, many don't look past their own experience to realize that they are a step away from being the target of cruelty or any other form of hate. 
I'm staying off social media for a while or at least filtering out the negative. I try to post positive things and hope it inspires others. If not, at least I'm putting some good out into the universe. Hopefully, that good will come back to me.

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