Monday, December 26, 2016

Being Anonymous

Sometimes it's easy to be anonymous and hide behind a computer screen terrorizing, bullying, and berating people you don't know. These days, it's too easy and I wish something would be done. I recently was bullied, harassed, and quite frankly, scared out of my gourd by some crazy lunatic. Guess what? He/She is anonymous. Of course. But this anonymous presence is all over the internet in many forms. Their sole purpose is to spread hate. And fear.

I am afraid when I write anything online for fear it will lead some lunatic to my real identity and I'll suffer consequences beyond my understanding. I'm afraid when I walk the streets, that someone will think it's fun to terrorize me. I feel broken and scared. I always considered myself strong, but now I wonder how many cracks are in that thick skin of mine. How many of these cracks are growing larger and weaker until I completely fall to pieces and crumble. 

The world is a scary place. Be care of what you put out there. The men in masks are coming to get you.
Don't worry, you'll know them when you see them. And when you do, RUN!

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