Thursday, December 22, 2016

Allowing ourselves to rest

The world seems so broken these days and my Type A personality tells me it's my duty, my responsibility, my obligation to be productive and to help others. I feel guilty when I stop and take time for myself. When I say "no" or when I decline an invitation because I just need a day off from the world.

I have to be reminded that it's ok and even NECESSARY to take time for myself. It's always a good thing when I do it, though. I feel so much better and interact with friends more easily and with more patience than if I do not give myself the time to replenish.

This picture also brings to mind the fact that we do not have to fix everything. Sometimes it's ok to walk away and let things be broken or let others try to manage them. In the end, we often find, that broken isn't really destroyed, just scattered or in lots of pieces that become their own whole.

Enjoy yourself this holiday season and find peace somewhere if only for a moment.

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