Monday, July 25, 2016

The other Side of Purple Part 2

Monday, June 27, 2016

Time flies!

As I look ever the last year, I realize at this time 2 years ago,  I was contemplating how to change my life. I was at somewhat of a crossroads and was trying to figure out where to go from there. I loved my jobs but I was burned out and longed for more...or at least different. I had been pondering this thought for a awhile and couldn't name it, so I kept googling different things until I found it! I was, at first elated, but then being resistant to change and having major fear of the unknown, I second guessed myself. In the end, I (literally) dragged myself to an information session that would later change my life. Ok, I sound like an infomercial, but I promise you, it's nothing like that. Or maybe it is, but you can decide when you're finished reading. 

I drove to the train station, parked my car and took the short train ride to the info session. I sat in a big room with many other people and listened to the presentation about classes in the certificate program which would possibly lead me on another path in my career-not a total change, but a slight veer to the left from where I was at that moment. I was ready. Financially, it was reckless, but I figured learning is never wasted and I went for it. I took the classes and about 8 months later, received my PURPLE certificate in the mail! I was beyond happy. (not just because it was purple). 

With this new knowledge and the confidence it brought me, I was ready for that next step. Suffice it to say, I came upon a job that looked "perfect". I doubted myself, and passed to the next job posting. I ended up coming upon this job post in lots of my searches and figured it was some sort of sign. Just apply, I thought. What have you got to lose? So I wrote up a cover letter, spruced up my resume, and went to my summer job. Later that afternoon, I was granted an interview for as soon as possible. I was in shock. I reread the email a thousand times. Just to be sure. :)

I remember the interview clearly. I was nervous and clammy and was trying to cover one of my frequent skin rashes with a scarf. Mind you, it was SUMMER, so finding a scarf that didn't make me look like I thought it was December in New England, was a challenge. But I did it. And I got the job! I have to say I never looked back (well maybe once) and after a year in this job, I can easily say it was worth it. I took a major chance and this employer took a major chance on a rookie like me. I think in the end we are all grateful. It has been an amazing journey and I can't imagine being in any other place but this one.

Never be afraid to take a chance. You never know what joy it could bring. This from someone who fears change more than the deletion of purple from the rainbow.

A candle doesn't lose its flame by lighting up another. 

Somehow that makes me think of this experience.

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