Saturday, October 22, 2016


Need I say more about the past few weeks? I thought not. And actually, I'll just take the vodka and the valium. And I'll make my own damn coffee because I like it black and strong. The kind of coffee where the spoon stands up by itself and it kind of resembles motor oil. The kind of coffee that scares people. That's what I drink. And fill the cup to the top. 

So yeah, I've had a roller coaster of a time here. Anxiety and craziness all globbed up (yeah, I know that's not a word, so sue me) together has rattled even my safest corner in my routines. I need to get it together here. GYST I tell myself. (Get your Sh*t Together) I wrote it in my music recently. How can a person screw up the same thing over and over? REALLY? I have a fking degree in music and I can't sing a 3/8 measure properly. Ok, so it has a tie from the previous measure and the syllabification sucks, but still. So now you know why I included the lovely quote above. 

Have a very purple day. Dammit.

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