Monday, October 24, 2016


 Ok, so I stole this from my facebook status but it's still my writing so whatever. Sue me. 
I'm offended because a composer wrote a song with nonsense words with NO pattern and it goes 100mph. And I'm offended because the publisher printed it in tiny letters (like 8 font or something) and left half a page blank "intentionally" as it says in the why the FK couldn't they publish it in READABLE FORM so I could FKING SEE what I can't remember? As for other illegible scores, I will leave that alone for now. But fking ay, give a half blind soprano a break and make the score readable. WTF. And no, I don't care if you think handwritten scores are more "organic" or more " personal" or whatever the fk it was. I can't fking read it so it's useless. And....yes, there's more. I'm offended by this whole election and the way it has made Americans (probably myself included) belligerent, defensive, and divided. I'm offended that the moderators in all debates didn't have enough ahem equipment to turn off the mic when someone was being rude or talking over the other person. And then...(yes, there's even more) I'm offended because when someone asks me for a meeting and I respond with dates & times, they fail to respond. Ever. Really? I'm also offended because I would not like to "use my tools and coping skills". I would like an increase in medication. Thank you. I think that was all but if I remember anything else (fking old ass brain can't remember anything anymore) I'll add it in.
And if anyone is offended by this rant, then please just unfollow me. Seriously. I have no time to defend myself and I will not entertain people's patronizing comments about how it could be hurtful to express yourself in this way. 

The last disclaimer is there because I have, in the past been admonished and handed my ass for putting my own opinion on facebook (or anywhere else). Apparently, some people think the world is all about them. Or someone they know. And they don't stop to consider that I have a life outside of them and some small circle of people. I did them a favor (after telling them off, of course!) and put them in a list where they hardly see any of my postings. And guess what? No more calling me out. Interesting how that works. And bite me.

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