Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Feeling Guilty

I feel guilty. I'm doing nothing wrong but I feel guilty. I have a job that pays me year round. The only thing is that there is little or nothing to do in July. I feel like I should be doing SOMETHING for that paycheck. I'm desperately looking for things to do but I come up empty every time. It's not my fault if the district is closed and I can't get the info I need to do my work. My boss knows it and since I work my tail off all the time, she probably doesn't care if I don't do much during this particular month. But....I feel guilty. It's weird. I'm so glad to have the time off (sort of) and sharpen up my routines, get myself ready for the craziness that hits in August, and to enjoy friends and family. know the rest.

Type A personality trying to live in a not so Type A world. It's a challenge.

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