Saturday, February 6, 2016


I always think I will write more on my  blog (that nobody reads anyway) but somehow a month has passed and here I am having written absolutely nothing. Sigh. My life is crazy and busy and filled with lots to talk about, but somehow I sit down and it all becomes mundane and boring.

I've recently become friends with an ex. Is that even possible? I've never been successful with that before but this time seems different--almost dangerous, though. Not sure what to make of it, but we've hung out twice now and I have to consciously avoid that simmer of tension (ahem) that I know is there. This is why I do not befriend my exes. I cut the cord and move the hell on. Also, I've gained about 50 pounds since we dated and how can he not notice this? Ugh.

That off my chest, I'll move on to other things in no particular order:
-I think I've lost my mind--recently sent an email to the wrong recipient and it didn't go over well.
I kind of told this person off and insinuated that she sucked banana feet (which she did but I didn't exactly say that, she had to read between the lines).

-I am burned out on my volunteer job and feel unappreciated and as though nobody gives a crap about my feelings anymore. They're probably waiting for the day when the baton is handed to my successor. Believe me, I'm waiting too.

-I'm still fat. Enough said.

I guess that's all. I feel like this blog needs an overhaul. I'll get on that. Oh--and I do NOT feel the Bern. Team Hillary over here.

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