Wednesday, January 6, 2016

If you don't have anything nice to say...

Please don't say anything. I have a neighbor--you know "that" neighbor--the one who is always up in everyone's business, talks trash about everyone, thinks she's always right, has no filter, and basically ends up being a nuisance rather than the "model citizen" she believes herself to be. Well, I'm sorry you didn't like the dresser I got for free many years ago when I had none and I was too poor to buy one. I had painted it and freshened it up, and quite frankly, it was a good dresser for many years. Recently, I had put it out for removal since it had gotten old, was worn out, and I had a replacement from a family member. This "kind" neighbor proclaimed it ugly. Honey, the only thing ugly here is YOU and what YOU said. She said of a perfectly good rocking chair I had put out for free to anyone who wanted it, "nobody wants that. It's fat city here". Well, excuse me, but I don't live in "fat city" and maybe YOU don't want it, but someone else might. So I took it back, cleaned it up, and am ready to give it another chance at life.
And yes, I took those plants back to my deck because I don't want you to care for them. They're not yours. The ones I left outside by the front are the ones YOU put there. They were never mine. I'm tempted to put them back in front of YOUR door.

This little apartment building used to be a friendly, fun place. Now this one person has soured it. I want to move but can't afford to do so. I'm sad that one person has turned my living situation into a constant worry she'll knock on my door or see me walking in/out or whatever. I wish SHE would move. And her stupid dog too. (sorry, but her dog is in need of therapy as is she!)

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