Sunday, November 1, 2015

Post Halloween Bloata

Yes, you read correctly. Bloata. La Bloata--that feeling you get when you ate too much and even though you knew you should have stopped seventeen pounds of disgustifying deliciously wonderful plates ago, you didn't. Because you're a glutton. And now you suffer from LA BLOATA.
*disclaimer* "la bloata" and "disgustifying deliciousness" are not my own expressions. I have "borrowed" them. With permission of course.

Halloween begins the season of eating which goes through Thanksgiving, December and all the way to January 1st. Diets begin January 2nd. I say this because many brunches are had on New Year's Day so there's no point to denying yourself. Every year, I say this time I'll show restraint. And every year I don't. Confessions of a skinny girl trying to escape from a fat ass body.

Happy Holidays, everyone. Eat, drink, and be merry. Or just be.

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