Saturday, November 14, 2015

Brain Drains

I admit it. I need time during the day (and night) for a brain drain. That is, I need time to do things that require little use of brain cells and no deep thought. Tonight I watched a movie on the Lifetime Channel. I know...I know. But I got sucked in and there I was. I watched the whole thing. I hope that some of my brain cells survived the attack. I am now attempting to reactivate them by listening to NPR, which we all know is educational and intellectually stimulating. Unless it's Car Talk, in which case, it's hysterically funny and is probably the cause of many people driving off the road due to laughing so hard they can't see. But I'm not listening to Car Talk now, nor am I driving, so I should be ok.

In my defense, this weekend was hard. This WEEK was hard. Work was crazy, people flew off the handle and I had to reign them in, I may have lost my cool a time or two, but we won't go there, and it all ended in crashing into the weekend with my crazy neighbor saying in the same breath that last year's performance sucked but could she get a ticket for this year? WTF? I'm still reeling from that. I don't know that I will ever recover. It's just weird how people don't have any filter.

Speaking of having a filter, the events in Paris rattled me in a way I haven't been rattled in a long time. My friend is safe (thank goodness!) but it made me realize how fragile the world really is and as we all hashtag Paris, people are dying all over the world every day and nobody gives it a second thought. Bombs explode in Beirut, Gaza, Afghanistan, people flee to what they think will be the promised land, only to find there is no welcome mat at the door. Does anyone hashtag that? No. An island burns in the South Pacific, but I only know that because a friend with ties to the place, posts it on facebook. I feel as though the world will kill itself and nobody will be there to hashtag anything. Maybe it's for the best. We've really f*cked up around here.

I guess that's all for one night. If you're still reading,  I appreciate it. If you stopped, then you don't know how much a simple thank you means to me.

Thank you, dear readers, whoever you are.

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