Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Where does the time go?

Ok, last time I wrote was over a month ago and I was determined to do better. Oh well. I feel I have reached the end of my list of things I need to say to the world. The rest is better kept to myself or just divulged to those few who understand.

It's a challenge to be me. I am still wandering through this crazy world with my type A, slightly OCD personality that never quite fits the mold society tries to set for me. This past month has been particularly challenging in that arena. One small victory was discovering I was right to set a type A deadline on a project. The victory, however, is moot as there is nothing to be done but gloat inside that people should have listened to me. But they didn't and they never will. Not on this project. So maybe they'll see in the end, that planning ahead was not just being nit picky and overly cautious, it was for a reason. Just maybe they'll see. Probably not. Committees suck.

And that's my blog for today. Maybe I'll be moved to write more sooner rather than later. Dating but not really dating a married man...but that's another story.

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